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Amanda Klecker

Amanda Klecker

Amanda Klecker is the owner of Healthy House on the Block. She is passionate about helping homeowners create their own healthy living environment. Amanda has developed a set of easy to follow guides for new homeowners ranging from reducing Radon in their homes to the health effects of contaminated water.
10 Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. 

In fact, researchers show that we actually spend somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of our day INSIDE. This percentage is shocking, considering just a few generations ago, our ancestors spent most of their time outdoors and their homes had more opportunities for outside air to filter in. 

Because we spend so much time indoors, it’s very important that you are breathing the highest quality of air. Unfortunately, in most cases, quite the opposite is true. Study after study has shown that indoor air is more often than not less healthy than outdoor air.

How do you go about improving the indoor air you spend so much time breathing? There are many opportunities to do so, but the best ways are often the simplest and easiest day-to-day habits you can change.
How a Healthy Home Can Change Your Life

We live in a time when many of us are working hard to change the way we eat, work and sleep, all in the name of a healthy lifestyle. 

Many times the first thing individuals change is activity levels, next they change diets, then sleeping and working habits. As a last resort, we look at our home environment. 

This is all backwards. 

Really, you should be paying attention the environment that you live in FIRST. I’ve heard it said that in a way, our home and other environments are like a second skin for our bodies. 

How exactly does a healthy home environment support a healthy body and promote a healthy lifestyle?