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Patricia Fischer

Patricia Fischer

Patricia Fischer, a former nurse and published author, became passionate about ovarian cancer after her best friend was diagnosed. She actively advocates for those living with ovarian cancer, by sharing educational and awareness materials and proudly wearing teal in her hair.
7 Ways to Care for a Friend through Her Ovarian Cancer Experience

Ovarian cancer. It’s not what any woman wants to hear as their diagnosis.

Because of its subtle symptoms and less than favorable (but climbing) survival rates, being told you have ovarian cancer can immediately feel hopeless. 

For those of us as who are care partners, the desire to help can only be matched by our frustrations of not being able to cure or “fix” our loved ones. We may feel less than productive. Even though we can’t wave a magic wand and fix what hurts those we love, there are incredibly positive and powerful ways we can give back and aid them, even throughout the darkest moments.

After my best friend received her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, she told me of the many gestures and acts of kindness from friends, coworkers, and neighbors that helped her the most. I’m blessed she shared them with me as it helped me better understand the most effective and positive ways to better care for her as well as others diagnosed with cancer after she was.