Recovery Post-Plastic Surgery: Plan Ahead

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Summary: Recovery expectations can help you plan your plastic surgery procedure.
Air Date: 7/8/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Robert Cohen, MD
Dr. Robert CohenRobert Cohen, MD, FACS, is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is the medical director for the Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery in Paradise Valley, AZ, one of the premier aesthetic surgery practices in the Southwest United States. Dr. Cohen reconstructs his patients’ bodies, and also helps to educate them on the latest available techniques and technology, and the best ways to avoid complications after surgery. 

He recently expanded his practice to include an office location in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Cohen specializes in cosmetic procedures for men and women, with a focus on aesthetic surgery of the breast and body.
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Recovery Post-Plastic Surgery: Plan Ahead
What sort of recovery should you expect after a cosmetic surgery procedure?

First, ask your doctor how long you should expect to be in pain. Most procedures take a few days to a week for pain to subside. This is a general guideline. Every person experiences pain and recovers a bit differently.

Second, you will want to know how soon you can get back to life responsibilities. These activities would include returning to work, getting groceries and taking the kids to school. Most people can return to these activities after one week. See how you feel after finishing your prescribed pain medication.

Third, you may wonder how long to wait before getting back to an active lifestyle. You should be able to resume light exercise after four weeks. Wait six weeks or more before resuming weight training and greater activity.

Enlist family or friends to help manage younger children after surgery. You have to be especially careful when surgery involves muscles, like tummy tucks and breast surgery. Be cautious.

When you're ready to get frisky, remember your post-op instructions and be aware of your mobility. Don't engage in sexual positions that irritate the surgery site.

You may choose to take time off work and social activities for treatments that redden the skin. Makeup will cover up some redness when the skin has healed.

Arnica can help with bruising and swelling. Ice and elevation ease recovery. Avoid heat to eliminate excessive discomfort.

Most importantly, follow your physician's instructions very closely. Those post-op instructions are designed for healing without complications.

Listen in as Dr. Robert Cohen discusses what to expect when recovering from cosmetic surgery procedures.