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The “C” word. It can be a very scary concept to imagine; even scarier if you receive a cancer diagnosis. The disease does not discriminate against age nor race… it can affect virtually anyone. There are ways to prevent cancer, however; and advancements in medicine are also working to fight it via improved treatments. Our experts, doctors and scientists have the latest information on both ends of the spectrum.
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Ask Dr. Mike: Fighting Colon Cancer & Reducing Tumor Burden

Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.

Cancer Couch Foundation Aims to Prevent & Cure Breast Cancer

How can you cope when prematurely faced with mortality?

Taking a Holistic Approach to Cancer

How can diet and nutritional supplements play a key role in both cancer prevention and treatment?

How Can Conventional Cancer Treatment Be Improved?

If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, what do you need to know about treatment option...

Can Cancer Be Cured?

What's the biggest barrier holding doctors back in finding a cure for cancer?

Toxins & Carcinogens in “Healthy” Products

It's been suggested that the average person can be exposed to as many as 100 different chemicals bef...

  • Ask Dr. Mike: Fighting Colon Cancer & Reducing Tumor Burden

  • Cancer Couch Foundation Aims to Prevent & Cure Breast Cancer

  • Taking a Holistic Approach to Cancer

  • How Can Conventional Cancer Treatment Be Improved?

  • Can Cancer Be Cured?

  • Toxins & Carcinogens in “Healthy” Products

“Dr. Bond’s Life Changing Wellness” is an exciting and informative radio program that takes listeners into the world of natural medicine, nutrition and reversing disease the natural way. Ward Bond, Ph.D. whose distinctive blend of teaching, fun facts, and interviewing the top experts in the field of natural health has made him one of the most sought after voices of natural health in America today.


EP 131 - Why ‘Topical First’ is Gaining Traction in U.S.
In one way or another, you've probably heard of Dr. Bob Arnot. He is a journalist, author, former host of the Dr. Danger reality TV series, and previously a medical and foreign correspondent for NBC and CBS. ... read more


EP 130 - Heartbreak is Real

EP 130 - Heartbreak is Real

Expert : Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Dr. Stephen Sinatra is one of the most highly respected and sought-after cardiologists whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. ... read more
EP 129 - The Day The Guitar Came Into My Life
JD Shelburne is the best of both worlds. He rocks a crowd like nobody’s business and tears at your heartstrings with ballads that cut to the core of life and love. ... read more

Tara Stiles is a wellness expert, bestselling author, and the founder of Strala Yoga.

... read more
EP 127 - Abby Johnson and The Pro Life Movement

Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years, working her way up through the ranks to become the clinic director in Bryan, Texas. But she left when she witnessed an abortion she personally thought wasn't okay.

... read more
A 15-year breast cancer survivor, singer Kelly Lang lives each day with great enthusiasm and appreciation for life. ... read more
Our guest today is none other than the legendary singer and recording artist BJ Thomas, who was one of the most distinctive voices in American pop music. ... read more
EP 124 - Managing Mental Health and Depression
Al Levin is an assistant principal at a PreK-8 school in Saint Paul Public Schools. He has been in education for over twenty years, the past fourteen years as an administrator. He is married, has four children and a puppy. But he is also a person who has recovered from two major bouts of depressive disorder. ... read more
Antonio Sabato, Jr. immigrated to California in 1985 seeking a better life with his mother and sister. In 1996, after completing all the necessary steps, he became a United States citizen – a moment he calls “the proudest moment of my life.” ... read more
EP 122 - The Legacy of Hollywood Icon James Garner
Being born the daughter of Hollywood icon James Garner automatically placed a spoon in Gigi Garner's mouth (her words, not ours). ... read more
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Dr. Bond has been hosting the daily television program, “Dr. Bond’s THINK NATURAL” for the last twelve years, which airs across the United States in 46 million households on CTN, DirecTV (Channel 376), Dish TV (Channel 267) Dr. Bond has currently filmed over 2,000 episodes of THINK NATURAL.

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