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Achieving peak physical fitness doesn’t have to include going to the gym every day. There are plenty of workouts you can do on your own, at home, on the road, even at your desk. But, if you DO go to the gym, it’s also helpful to know the latest and greatest classes, techniques and training options available. From celebrity personal trainers to dieticians, our experts share what works and what doesn’t.
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Cellulite 101: 3-Prong Approach to Smooth Your Skin

Are you forever stuck with those dimpled, lumpy areas of cellulite?

Strength Training Tips for Women

Once considered a "man's sport," strength training is gaining popularity on the female front.

Get Moving for Better Heart Health

Work on your core strength and aerobic fitness for better heart health.

Regroup Successfully After Life Knocks You Down

Recovery after surgery is challenging. Learn how to stay productive without pushing yourself too har...

Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

You can work through that trauma by engaging your body.

Balancing Your Workouts

You have to plan a rest day into your workout schedule.

  • Cellulite 101: 3-Prong Approach to Smooth Your Skin

  • Strength Training Tips for Women

  • Get Moving for Better Heart Health

  • Regroup Successfully After Life Knocks You Down

  • Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

  • Balancing Your Workouts

Life's Too Short... so make the most of it! Try something new, eat something healthy, grow something beautiful, hug someone you love, move around a lot, and be kind to yourself. Melanie Cole, MS brings you the best tips from lifestyle and fitness experts to the best and brightest medical professionals.

Benefits of Midlife Yoga

From the Show: Life's Too Short
Summary: Yoga is a fantastic way to improve mobility while taking it easy on your joints.
Air Date: 1/22/19
Duration: 21:30
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Dennis & Kathy Lang
Dennis Kathy LangDennis and Kathy Lang spent 24 years in the corporate world working for various Fortune 500 companies in positions of sales, marketing and management. They left their corporate careers in 2005 to pursue their passion. Both are certified E-RYT500/YACEP teachers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, corporate consultants and authors of “Everything Matters - How a Corporate Over-Achieving Couple Found Real Truth and How You Can Too - and it’s not what you think.” The couple provides guided meditations and meditative instrumental music for the Insight Timer global meditation app. Annually, Dennis and Kathy lead more than 40 workshops and teacher trainings in the US plus corporate events and retreats overseas. Lovers of adventure and other cultures, they have traveled to 35 countries and their lifelong mantra is “finding fun and making memories.”
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When you reach a certain age, finding the right low-impact fitness can be a challenge. Yoga is a great option for middle-aged individuals to strengthen muscles and maintain mobility.

Mid-life is roughly defined as ages 45 to 65. It’s a peak time for career-minded individuals, and the hustle and bustle of running a household is also a challenge. Yoga encourages stress reduction and mindfulness.

Listen as Dennis and Kathy Lang join Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss how yoga can benefit you in mid-life.

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