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Achieving peak physical fitness doesn’t have to include going to the gym every day. There are plenty of workouts you can do on your own, at home, on the road, even at your desk. But, if you DO go to the gym, it’s also helpful to know the latest and greatest classes, techniques and training options available. From celebrity personal trainers to dieticians, our experts share what works and what doesn’t.
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  • Cellulite 101: 3-Prong Approach to Smooth Your Skin

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  • Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

  • Balancing Your Workouts

Life's Too Short... so make the most of it! Try something new, eat something healthy, grow something beautiful, hug someone you love, move around a lot, and be kind to yourself. Melanie Cole, MS brings you the best tips from lifestyle and fitness experts to the best and brightest medical professionals.

Why and How: Warm Up and Cool Down

From the Show: Life's Too Short
Summary: Find out why warming up and cooling down are so important.
Air Date: 3/12/19
Duration: 16:57
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Brian Parr, PhD
Dr. Brian ParrBrian Parr, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of South Carolina Aiken where he teaches courses in exercise physiology, nutrition, and health behaviors.

He also conducts research related to physical activity and weight loss.
Warming up and cooling down are both important parts of any workout. People want to get to the meat of the workout, skipping these necessary parts.

The warmup gets the muscles warm and pliable, making them ready for a complete workout. It also helps focus the mind on the work that’s to come. Blood flow is increased to the muscles and other parts of the body. 

Tailor the warmup to the activity you’re about to undertake. Do the warmup close to the time you’ll be engaging in the activity so your body doesn’t cool off before you begin.

The cooldown helps your heart settle down. It gives the lactic acid from the workout a chance to clear out a bit. If your head is above your heart during the main workout, the blood is pushed to the lower body. Cooling down allows the blood to return to other parts of the body, reducing lightheadedness after exercise.

Listen as Dr. Brian Parr joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss the importance of warming up and cooling down.

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