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Achieving peak physical fitness doesn’t have to include going to the gym every day. There are plenty of workouts you can do on your own, at home, on the road, even at your desk. But, if you DO go to the gym, it’s also helpful to know the latest and greatest classes, techniques and training options available. From celebrity personal trainers to dieticians, our experts share what works and what doesn’t.
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Cellulite 101: 3-Prong Approach to Smooth Your Skin

Are you forever stuck with those dimpled, lumpy areas of cellulite?

Strength Training Tips for Women

Once considered a "man's sport," strength training is gaining popularity on the female front.

Get Moving for Better Heart Health

Work on your core strength and aerobic fitness for better heart health.

Regroup Successfully After Life Knocks You Down

Recovery after surgery is challenging. Learn how to stay productive without pushing yourself too har...

Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

You can work through that trauma by engaging your body.

Balancing Your Workouts

You have to plan a rest day into your workout schedule.

  • Cellulite 101: 3-Prong Approach to Smooth Your Skin

  • Strength Training Tips for Women

  • Get Moving for Better Heart Health

  • Regroup Successfully After Life Knocks You Down

  • Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

  • Balancing Your Workouts

Which Way is Life? is designed to help busy, overworked, stressed out people find their way to a more balanced, healthier, inspired life. Two times a week host Bill Klaproth will interview trendsetting doctors, fitness professionals, life coaches, meditation experts and more in a quest for transformational discovery and positive change.


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How to experience more compassion, kindness and love in your life - towards others and yourself (in the era of Trump) with Positivity Coach Carol Miller. ... read more
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Ep84 - Live Like a Star: Tim Federle

Ep84 - Live Like a Star: Tim Federle

Expert : Tim Federle, Author
You are the star of your own movie - how to live, love and lead like a star with Tim Federle. ... read more
Encore Episode: Embracing Uncertainty: Allison Carmen
How living a life of “maybe” can stop worrying and negative thoughts in their tracks, how it can get you into the moment, and why we need to embrace uncertainty with author Allison Carmen. ... read more
Ep83 - Functional Fitness: Joshua Kozak

Ep83 - Functional Fitness: Joshua Kozak

Expert : Joshua Kozak, Personal Trainer
How functional fitness is better than a “get skinny” mindset and how to future-proof your body with personal trainer Joshua Kozak. ... read more
Ep82 - Choose Joy: Douglas Abrams

Ep82 - Choose Joy: Douglas Abrams

Expert : Douglas Abrams, Author
How to use the Book Of Joy Journal, a companion piece to The Book of Joy with author Doug Abrams. ... read more
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About Bill

Hi, my name is Bill Klaproth and I’m the host for the podcast - Which Way is Life?

My mission is to help busy, stressed-out, overworked people find their way to a healthier, inspired life.

As you’ll hear me say on the podcast, if I help one person live a healthier, inspired life along with finding more meaning and joy, I’ve done my job.

Why does this interest me?

Not quite sure, we are who we are, for some reason I’ve always taken an interest in people and when I’ve had the opportunity to help someone grow in a personal or professional capacity, I’ve always found that very rewarding.

So why not try to help people on a platform that I truly enjoy – audio. No form of communication is quite as personal as audio and by leveraging the wisdom, knowledge and advice of my guests, I think I can achieve my goal of helping people live a healthier, inspired life and if I can do that, I believe we can slowly make the world a better place, as clichéd as that may sound!

If you want to learn more about me:

I’m a former radio program director/air-talent, having worked at various radio stations across the Midwest (Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio) including 10 years the 97.9 The Loop, WLUP Chicago. I’m happily married to my wonderful wife Randal, and we have two amazing sons that bring us great joy and drive us crazy at the same time.

My passions include: Music (classic rock is my favorite, but I enjoy all kinds), Corvettes (I’m partial to C3 Corvettes 1968-1982), Sports (Chicago sports – The Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks etc…) and Wine, (Cabernet Sauvignon is always the go to, hit me up if you have suggestions).

My contact information:

You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.