Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a hard habit to break, whether you’ve been lighting up for years or just a few months. Even if you know it’s horrible for your health, the withdrawal symptoms can seem even worse. That’s when it’s crucial to enlist the help of the experts; those folks who know exactly what you’re going through and how to help you quit.
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  • You Are Getting Sleepy: Hypnosis 101

  • 5 Ways to Help You Quit Smoking for Good

  • Ask HER: Healing Your Lungs After Smoking & Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Sitting Too Much is as Bad as Smoking

  • How to Finally Quit Smoking

  • Ready to Quit Smoking for Good?

Life's Too Short... so make the most of it! Try something new, eat something healthy, grow something beautiful, hug someone you love, move around a lot, and be kind to yourself. Melanie Cole, MS brings you the best tips from lifestyle and fitness experts to the best and brightest medical professionals.

Encore Episode: Enduring Difficult & Toxic People

From the Show: Life's Too Short
Summary: Find out how to endure difficult and toxic people in time for the holidays.
Air Date: 3/26/19
Duration: 13:35
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Doris Schachenhofer
Doris SchachenhoferAfter completing her social work studies in Vienna, Doris Schachenhofer worked with children, homeless people, delinquent teenagers and prisoners transitioning back into the real world.

As an Access Consciousness® facilitator, she now travels the world supporting people to be more of themselves.

Her Being You classes are delivered in both live and online settings.
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It’s not uncommon to have at least one person in your life who stresses you out. Holidays can force interactions with toxic family members.

First, don’t take their toxicity personally. It’s often not about you. They may misdirect upset from other aspects of their own lives. You don’t have to have this person in your life regularly.

If you are upset with someone, acknowledge the different viewpoint. “Interesting point-of-view; I have this point-of-view.” Unexpressed to the source of stress, this can help you handle their opinions. Repeat to yourself until you don’t feel as charged up about it.

Additionally, you can be a kind and caring person without a toxic person in your life. It is a kindness to let them go. Be good to yourself and live your life without this person as a regular participant in it.

Listen as Doris Schachenhofer joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share how you can interact with toxic individuals... or not.
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