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State of Slim: The Colorado Diet

Americans are getting fatter. A third of us are now obese -- not just a few pounds overweight, but heavy enough to put their health in jeopardy.

However, one state is bucking the trend.

Colorado is the leanest state in the nation... but not because of something in the air or the water.

Rather, the state provides a venue where diet, activity, and environment perfectly intersect.

Join special guest, Dr. Holly Wyatt to learn more about Colorado's healthy mindset, as well as how you can adapt their ways of eating and living.
State of Slim: The Colorado Diet
Featured Speaker:
HollyWyattHolly Wyatt, M.D., is associate director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado and is an associate professor in the department of medicine.

She directs the Colorado Diet Clinic at the Anschutz Center. She lives in Denver.