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Reduce Hot Flashes without Hormones

An almost "too good to be true" formulation of natural extracts is stopping hot flashes cold!

It's true: the next-generation solution for hot flashes is EstroG-100... an all-natural, botanical, safe and non-toxic formulation.

This is a women's health supplement that is practical and has multiple proven benefits including decreased severity and frequency of hot flashes and an improvement in vaginal dryness.

Special guest, Michael Jeffers, CEO of Helios Corp, joins Dr. Mike to explain the benefits behind this revolutionary new formula.
Reduce Hot Flashes without Hormones
Featured Speaker:
Michael Jeffers, president and CEO of Helios Corp., has been in the nutritional and food Ingredients business for 35 years.

He took this experience and made a commitment 10 years ago to bring ingredients to the U.S. market with performance claims that could be backed by Phase I and Phase II human clinical studies as conducted at independent research facilities.

The goal and intent was to raise the bar for all ingredients in the market that claim something with no get the bad apples out of the market and bring the respect that the nutraceutical industry deserves.