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Aging Erasers: Top 3 Supplements for Youthful Skin

There are so many nutrients that can help with anti-aging. What's important to remember is that your skin differs from anyone else's skin.

There are also various theories about why you age; some of them being the loss of hormones, the loss of cell membranes, the loss of neurotransmitters or the most recognized theory is the loss of cell energy.

Why do your cell energy levels decrease over time to cause aging? What are some supplements to help your skin?

The first supplement, Coenzyme Q10, is essential to your cell energy. By taking COQ10, you are allowing your mitochondria (a membrane-bound organelle found in your eukaryotic cells) to produce more energy.

Dr. Mike shares his top three supplements for anti-aging and explains why they are so essential to your skin.

Top 3 Anti-Aging Supplements:

1. CoQ-10
2. PQQ
3. Creatine