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Foods Never to Feed Your Pets

Foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption, as well as other animals, may be toxic and even poisonous to your pet, causing a serious threat to its health and well being.

Even though your pet might be begging, or giving you that cute look, it's important to understand that not all foods are okay for your pet to consume. Not all animals are affected the same way by the foods you feed them, but would you want to take that risk?

For example, did you know that feeding your dogs grapes causes kidney insufficiency?

Some other foods that you should avoid giving your dog are raisins, chocolate, garlic, onions, chives, xylitol and avocados.

Cats are very curious and can smell, lick and eat almost anything. Flowers and plants are something to be extremely careful about. Certain plants and flowers like lilies are poisonous to cats and can immediately cause difficulty breathing.

A tricky food that people automatically think is okay for their cats to consume is milk (blame the movies). Consuming milk can cause upset stomach, skin irritation, vomiting and diarrhea.

Pet Health Network is a great source for determining which foods your pet can or cannot eat.

Emmy Award winning veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Werber, joins Dr. Mike to discuss which foods not to feed to you dogs and cats.
Foods Never to Feed Your Pets
Featured Speaker:
Dr. Jeff Werber has dedicated his life to the care and protection of animals and maintains that pets are more than just companions; they are part of the family and deserve to be treated that way.

A top graduate of the University of California Davis Veterinary School, Dr. Jeff established his Los Angeles-based private clinic, Century Veterinary Group, in 1988. Dr. Jeff cares for the pets of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, Eddie Murphy, Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, Mark Wahlberg, Patrick Dempsey, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many more – along with those of everyday pet owners.