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Omega-7 Fats: Molecular Signals for a Thinner You

You might remember the buzz surrounding the amazing powers omega-3 fatty acids have on your health, such as boosting your brain and aiding in heart heath.

But have you heard about the omega-7 fats?

Found in the same super food omega family, omega-7 (also known as palmitoleic acid) is a monounsaturated fat that can be found in your body, as well as in plant and animal sources such as sea buckthorn (fruit), cold water fish and macadamia nuts.

Omega-7 helps your body in a variety of ways, including counteracting weight gain and dramatically decreasing your appetite. This has grabbed the attention of many researchers who now plan to develop more in-depth studies.

A recent study published in Appetite compared three groups of rats that were given either omega-7, omega-9 or a placebo over a short period of time. Researchers found the rats that were given omega-7 decreased their food intake more than those rats that received omega-9 or the placebo. The more omega-7 that was given, the more it decreased the rats' appetite.

Researchers also noted the omega-7 fats were accumulating in the small intestine, lining up against the mucosal membrane. This was causing the fat cells located against the mucosal membrane to produce more and more of the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), which tells your brain you are full and to stop eating.

So, can you expect to see human studies in the near future? And, could it possibly be a new weight loss solution?

Dr. Mike discusses the benefits omega-7 fatty acids have on your health, the study published in Appetite, and how this breakthrough can help aid in weight loss.
Omega-7 Fats: Molecular Signals for a Thinner You
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Omega-7 fats are molecular signals that have been shown to dramatically decrease appetite.