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Obesogens: Are Environmental Toxins Causing You to Gain Weight?

There are over 70,000 industrial chemicals in your environment and 1,000 new toxins are introduced every year.

Even if you do your best to protect yourself from these chemicals, you can have up to 400-500 measurable levels of toxins in your bloodstream.

In addition to the impairment of your body's metabolism, accumulated toxins are believed to be a root cause of many disorders and diseases. Despite a renewed focus among Americans on healthier eating and an increase in exercise, obesity has continued to rise over the course of the past 30 years.

Many studies agree that a correlation exists between the levels of toxins in the environment and food supply and the problem of obesity.

Overtime, environmental toxins can cause your body to go haywire, resulting in an inability to balance blood sugar levels and metabolize cholesterol. This can ultimately lead to diabetes and obesity.

In fact, chemicals that have been introduced since the 1950s may be contributing to the rapid obesity rate. Obesogens, man-made and other chemicals found in the environment, disrupt and interfere with your endocrine system (the system that regulates your mood, hormones, appetite, and metabolism) and promote weight gain.

What are some ways you can eliminate toxins that surround you?

Unfortunately, toxins are found almost everywhere: household cleaning products, paints, furniture and floor polish, pesticides and the environment.

It isn't that easy to try to get rid of them completely.

What you can do, though, is avoid buying food that has been sprayed by pesticides, and use natural cleaning and washing products.

What else do you need to know about obesogens and other environmental toxins?

Weight loss coach, Sharon Ball, joins Dr. Mike to share information on obesogens, the other toxins that you are surrounded by and how you can rid some of the toxins that may be contributing to weight gain.
Obesogens: Are Environmental Toxins Causing You to Gain Weight?
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sharon ballSharon Ball has spent over 30 years as a nurse and then as a nurse practitioner/mid-level provider helping people become healthier, stronger and happier.

Now as a Life, Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach, Sharon is continuing to help people build happier, healthier and more successful lives through her science based life reinvention programs.

If you are frustrated because none of your efforts to lose weight work anymore, or you suffer from food sensitivities or adrenal fatigue, Sharon can help you get that weight off and turn your life around.