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Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Have you ever wondered if you're at risk for cancer? It can be an awakening reality, especially if someone in your family has battled any form of the disease.

Other than hereditary risks, there are other factors that could contribute to your risk of developing cancer.

According to the National Institute of Cancer, factors such as cigarette smoking, radiation, immuno-suppressive medicines, alcohol, lack of physical activity, obesity, and your diet are known to increase your risk of cancer.

In fact, diet has become a key focus of many cancer doctors and researchers.

Some studies have indicated that if the food you're consuming on a daily basis is high in fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates and low in fresh, wholesome nutrients, you have a higher risk of developing cancer.

Is there a way to reduce your cancer risk?

Some risk factors, like carrying specific genes that increase your risk for cancer, cannot be avoided. However, there are other risk factors that can be completely avoided.

A powerful way to reduce cancer risk is to get control of your intake of refined carbohydrates, IGF-1, and insulin levels. Also, adding supplements to your diet can help reduce your risk.

What are the supplements you can take to help your body get rid of excess sugar and help manage sugar?
  • Arabinose
  • Chromium
  • Green coffee extract
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (African mango extract)
  • Mulberry leaf extract
  • White kidney bean
  • Phloridzin (Apple root extract)
  • Sorghum bran
  • Transglucosidase

What else can you do to lower your risk of developing cancer?

Dr. Mike discusses the dietary habits that may be contributing to your risk of cancer, and some ways to add nutrients and supplements to lower that risk.