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Ask Dr. Mike: Stage Fright, Bioidentical Hormones & Treating Grey Hair Naturally

Here you'll find the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions posed by Healthy Talk fans. Listen in because what you know helps ensure healthy choices you can live with. Today on Healthy Talk you wanted to know:

Are bioidentical hormones synthetic? A friend of mine, who is also a Chemist, says they are. I'm confused!

The word "synthetic" often gets a bad rap. What it means is that it's made up in the lab. So, technically speaking, all bioidentical hormones are synthetic since they are made up in a lab. Bioidentical hormones like progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone that are made up in lab have the same chemical properties in your body and have the same effects. It's also important to note that bioidentical hormones don't have to come from plant sources (even though most do).

Is there anything natural for treating grey hair?

As you age (and largely determined by your genetics), you may notice some grey hairs. However, there are lifestyle factors that can also contribute to grey hair such as smoking, untreated thyroid conditions, and a nutrient deficiency; these can all speed up the process of your grey hairs.

Dr. Mike started using DHEA and it didn't take that long, but the grey hair stopped showing up. Amla, sage, alder bark, and heshouwu may also help naturally get rid of your grey hair.

I'm very nervous about a presentation I have to give in front of 500 people. My doctor said beta blockers help, is this true?

Beta blockers have been prescribed for those experiencing stage fright. Usually, beta blockers are given to heart patients becuase they are known to help control how hard the heart is pumping. They can also calm you down.

However, once you start taking these regularly, you can't just stop taking them altogether. Your blood pressure and heart rate can drastically increase and put you at risk for a heart attack. Dr. Mike suggests using a supplement that has a combo between lemon balm and theanine.

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