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Turmeric Boosts Brain Power in Pre-Diabetics

Turmeric, is a powerful super food mainly found in the spice curry. Turmeric has been used to naturally treat inflammation, heartburn, intestinal issues, depression, and pain.

A recent study published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that turmeric can also enhance memory in adults.

Researchers looked at people 60 years and older with a recent diagnosis of untreatable pre-diabetes. The subjects were given either a placebo, two grams of cinnamon, one gram of turmeric, or both cinnamon and turmeric during breakfast. Researchers also performed a series of memory tests before they were given breakfast and after.

Researchers found turmeric improved working memory over a span of six hours in the older test subjects with pre-diabetes.

What does this mean for the future treatment of brain diseases?

Dr. Mike discusses this new study, why turmeric is beneficial to your health, and what this means for the future treatment of Alzheimer's.