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Reduce Your Toxic Burden in 5 Steps

Toxins are substances that can be created naturally by plants and animals or included in man-made items (plastic containers, cookware, makeup, toys, etc.).

Toxins are also very prevalent in your environment.

In fact, there are over 70,000 industrial chemicals in your environment and 1,000 new toxins are introduced every year. Your body can realistically handle up to 400-500 measurable toxins.


Researchers and doctors suggest having large amounts of toxins within your environment can cause heart disease, stroke, infertility, and other serious health issues.

Is there any way you can reduce your toxic burden?

Even though it may seem nearly impossible to reduce the amount of toxins you're exposed to, you can do so by eating organic foods, reducing your oxidative stress, avoiding air fresheners and plastic containers, and just saying no to Teflon.

Dr. Mike discusses what toxins are, why they are so prevalent in your environment, and how you can reduce your toxic burden.