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Debunking the Calcium Myth: Is It Safe for Your Heart?

A 2012 study conducted in Sweden and published in Europe stated that calcium supplementation might increase heart attacks by as much as 30 percent. This claim is making its rounds again in health news headlines.

The study tracked almost 24,000 Europeans and suggested that people taking only calcium supplements were about twice as likely to have a heart attack.

However, the study was flawed in more areas than one.

For example, the study forgot to include the participants who were combining magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. Usually, vitamin D and magnesium work together to help improve calcium in your bones. However, being deficient in vitamin D (which many participants in the study were) actually poses a great risk to developing cardiovascular disease and having a heart attack.

How else was the study flawed?

Listen in as Dr. Mike debunks the calcium myth and explains why calcium is beneficial (and safe) for your heart.