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Staying Strong & Healthy with the Ancestral Diet

Many doctors and researchers believe that somewhere within the last few decades, society's food chain has drastically gone downhill and is the number one reason many are sick, overweight, and fighting to stay alive.

Even though many diet trends will come and go, one of the most popular is the ancestral diet.

The ancestral diet follows the way ancient man used to eat: lean meats, whole grains, and tons of vegetables. Foods high in sugar, fat and processed/artificial ingredients weren't around 10,000 (or even 100) years ago, and neither was diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other health issues that are so prevalent today.

What makes this diet stand out and seem successful compared to other diets?

Dr. Dave Clayton joins Dr. Mike to discuss the ancestral diet, and how it differs from other trendy diets.
Staying Strong & Healthy with the Ancestral Diet
Featured Speaker:
David Clayton Dr. David Clayton is a physician, fitness instructor and wellness expert devoted to helping high-performing individuals invest in their own health.

His fitness-centered approach to medicine incorporates the latest research on fitness and nutrition to help clients measurably improve their health without resorting to medications.

He is board certified in internal medicine, holds an MBA from Columbia University, and is currently on the medical staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. His pioneering medical practice is located in San Diego, California.