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Do e-Cigs Pose a Greater Cancer Risk?

You may already know the dangerous risks associated with smoking, but sometimes that isn't enough to keep you from trying it. 

In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 42.1 million people smoke tobacco cigarettes and cigarette smoking causes an estimated 443,000 deaths annually.

Are e-Cigarettes a safe alternative?

At first, e-Cigs might have seemed like a gift from above, giving you the fixation of a cigarette without any of the damage to your health. E-cig manufacturers also made it seem like their product was the first step to take when trying to quit, weaning yourself off real tobacco.

An e-Cig is a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled. This method is used to stimulate the experience of smoking tobacco. E-cigs have claimed to be safer for smokers and for non-smokers who might have previously inhaled secondhand smoke.

But, is that really the case? Or might e-Cigs put you at a greater risk for cancer?

Dr. Mike discusses a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and if e-Cigs pose a greater cancer risk.