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Parallel Paths of Suicide & Addiction

Suicide can be complex.

Sometimes, you never it see it coming in your loved ones.

Other times, you've witnessed firsthand the emotional highs and lows.

You might have also noticed a pattern of unhealthy addictions.

If you're struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, it might seem easier to find ways to self-heal, like drinking or using drugs to ease the symptoms.

In fact, according to Dual Diagnosis, depression in combination with addiction is one of the highest risk factors for suicide.

What's the link between suicide and addiction?

Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell joins Dr. Mike to discuss the correlation between suicide and addiction, as well as how you can properly seek help.
Parallel Paths of Suicide & Addiction
Featured Speaker:
Adele McDowell Adele Ryan McDowell, PhD, is author of Making Peace with Suicide: A Book of Hope, Understanding, and Comfort. Dr. McDowell is a practicing psychotherapist and former crisis hot-line responder with more than 30 years experience helping clients find hope and balance in the face of crisis, trauma, and grief.

Making Peace with Suicide (White Flowers Press, 2014) speaks to those who have lost a loved one to suicide, those considering suicide, and those who work with or counsel the bereaved and suicidal.