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Ask Dr. Mike: EPA & DHA Fats, Ending the AIDS Epidemic, PLUS Are Soy Formulas Bad for Your Child?

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Is it possible to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030?

AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is the final stage of the HIV disease that causes damage to your immune system. The AIDS epidemic flourished in the 1980s and has continually been on researchers' radars for a cure. According to the AIDS website, there are more than 1.2 million people in the United States that are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 8 (12.8%) are unaware of their infection.

The main goal is to keep the virus from spreading. Doctors are focusing on prevention through education and (for those who do have the virus) better access to the drugs. The HIV/AIDS virus replicates and has changed constantly since it first appeared in the 80s. That has caused many doctors to struggle with finding the right vaccine for a cure. But, Dr. Mike does believe that ending the epidemic by 2030 is a realistic goal and is very possible.

When my daughter was a baby, she got constipated and my pediatrician recommended switching to a soy formula. My concern is that lately I've heard soy isn't good because of the process and the levels of estrogen. Is any of this information about soy true?

Dr. Mike thinks your daughter will be okay. Food sources like soy are relatively low for estrogen levels. However, just to be sure, Dr. Mike suggests talking to your pediatrician about these concerns.

If EPA and DHA are the key fats, why aren't there pure products that include only the two?

They are important, but you always need a balance of all the fats.

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