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Ask Dr. Mike: Are Nutritional Deficiencies to Blame for Being Overweight?

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Are nutritional deficiencies to blame for being overweight?

When you lack proper nutrition, your body may be showing you signs that you have a nutritional deficiency. These signs can be a number of things like brittle nails, bleeding gums, painful joints, hair loss, acne, dry skin, and many others. What about weight gain?

A study from a children's hospital in Oakland, California conducted three eight-week trials involving the twice daily intake of nutrient bars for two months for 43 lean and overweight/obese adolescents. What researchers found was in the overweight/obese participants, there was a reduction in weight, weight circumference, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, triglycerides, insulin resistance, C-Reactive Protein, and inflammation.

Nutrition is extremely important; in fact, it's listed as one of the nine pillars of successful weight loss Dr. Mike wrote about. The rest of the pillars are:

  1. Restore insulin sensitivity
  2. Restore youthful hormone balance
  3. Control rate of carbohydrate absorption
  4. Increase physical activity
  5. Restore brain serotonin
  6. Restore resting energy expenditure rate
  7. Restore healthy adipocyte signaling
  8. Inhibit the lipase enzyme
  9. Eat to live a long and healthy life

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