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Ask Dr. Mike: Antioxidant Era & Is a Lack of Smell a Sign of Aging?

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Is it true that the antioxidant era is over?

Dr. Mike wants to be clear that no, it is not over. It's far from over. In fact, Dr. Mike wants you to know that if any scientist says that any outcome of a study is the definite answer, it's wrong. Science is constantly changing, and researchers are always finding new ways to look at things. You do have to be open minded to where the research is going.

As you age, the antioxidants you have in your body don't work as well. That's why it's so important to eat foods containing antioxidants.

Is it true that smell, or lack of it, is a sign of aging?

It's actually been shown that a lack of smell increases your risk of mortality within five years.

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