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Dietary Tricks for Diabetics

When you're eating a meal out at a restaurant, there's typically a bowl of bread on the table to satiate you until the main course arrives.

However, instead of eating bread before your meal, it might actually benefit your health to eat it last.

According to a study that was published in Diabetes Care, 11 middle-aged people with diabetes were given a meal of white bread, salad, and grilled chicken. The participants' blood sugar levels were measured before the meal, as well as 30, 60, and 120 minutes afterward.

Researchers found that eating bread at the end of the meal was associated with a 30 percent drop in blood glucose levels, compared to those who ate bread at the beginning of the meal.

How can you be carb smart if you're watching your sugar levels?

Listen in as Dr. Mike shares the latest dietary tricks for diabetes, and how you can be "carb smart" while eating.