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Ask Dr. Mike: Easing Depression through Lifestyle & Nutrition Changes

Here you'll find the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions posed by Healthy Talk fans.

Listen in because what you know helps ensure healthy choices you can live with. Today on Healthy Talk, you wanted to know:

I just worry about my mother. She's really sick and has been to a lot of doctors and they say "try this, try this." She's been up and down, at times with depression and anxiety, etc. She did a total 180 in the last 10 years, she seems worse and worse. She doesn't want to go out, or clean herself. I just thought you might have some direction?

Dr. Mike wants you to understand that he's here to just give information and some ideas that can help. The best advice Dr. Mike can give is to have your mom find a psychiatrist or psychologist that she's comfortable with and can work with to get better.

Even though it may be tough, it's extremely important to get your mom outside in the sunlight exercising. Research has shown that exercise is just as good as (or better than) medication. From a nutritional perspective, you may want to consider Tryptophan, wild green oat extract, saffron extract, and light box therapy.

If you have a health question or concern, Dr. Mike encourages you to write him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call in, toll-free, to the LIVE radio show (1.844.305.7800) so he can provide you with support and helpful advice.