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More Sleep & Less Sugar: Secrets to Leading a Great Sex Life

Not sleeping well is sure to interfere with your daily activities and can alter your mood. You may find that when you're overly-tired, you reach for foods and drinks packed with sugar to help boost your energy.

By doing that, not only are you damaging your overall health, but you're affecting your sex drive.

What is the connection between lack of sleep, too much sugar, and lack of sex-drive?

Listen in as Brad Davidson, Co-Founder and Performance Strategist at Stark, joins Dr. Mike to share the connection between sugar, lack of sleep, and your sex drive.
More Sleep & Less Sugar: Secrets to Leading a Great Sex Life
Featured Speaker:
Brad DavidsonBrad Davidson is Co-Founder and Performance Strategist at Stark, a fully integrated fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle facility in Irvine, CA. A national speaker on enhancing metabolism and optimizing performance, a performance specialist, and author, his new book, The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset (HarperOne; January, 2016) presents his groundbreaking lifestyle plan to help readers attain lasting peak levels of energy, health and fitness.

By resetting and optimizing metabolism, readers can achieve a lean, strong body, more energy, better sleep, a heightened sex drive, and increased resiliency to stress.

With a background in personal training, after working in various gyms and clubs, Brad began training clients from his garage in Southern California in 2002. Shortly thereafter, he opened a small gym in Irvine under the name Synergy Training Centers.

In 2011, Brad partnered with Todd Vande Hei to form Stark, which has become a national leader in sports performance and transformation. Utilizing the world's highest quality equipment, sophisticated training techniques, as well as personalized diet plans, Stark's fully integrated team of specialists helps their high-achieving clients reach their goals in as short amount of time as possible. They not only focusing on fitness, strength, and conditioning, but also providing nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Today, Brad is a highly sought-after speaker for business and fitness organizations nationwide, including Vistage International, CrossFit boxes, and sports teams, teaching people how to implement simple, natural, and long lasting changes to look great, have more energy, and perform at their best. In addition, he hosts a weekly podcast, Stark Naked Radio.

Brad is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner Level 2, and PICP Performance Specialist Level 2. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and three children.