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Post-Holiday Weight Gain: Tips for Recovery

Too many people fail to stick to their New Year's resolutions to lose weight, mostly because they don't plan and implement a weight loss strategy.

Rather than radically adjust personal habits in one day, it might be a better idea to do some pre-shopping to stock up on healthier food options and plan a day-by-day diet.

Even though exercise is an important factor for losing weight, most weight loss is done within the kitchen.

Dr. Sandeep Grewal joins Dr. Mike to share successful tips on how to lose that holiday weight.
Post-Holiday Weight Gain: Tips for Recovery
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Sandeep Grewal Dr. Sandeep Grewal is board certified by American Board of Internal Medicine. He was awarded "Innovation in Healthcare" award by Charlotte Business Journal in 2012 and also named "40 under 40" in 2013. He has appeared in several television and radio shows and has authored his third book, Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet of The Future. Dr. Grewal is the co-inventor of revolutionary step portion control weight loss method, the SlimPlate System.