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Ask Dr. Mike: 5 Tips to Look & Feel Better PLUS Joint Pain Post-Surgery

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What are five things I can do right now to look better and feel better?

It’s easy to believe anybody online. We have to be careful when we research. Not everyone knows what they’re talking about, and a lot of people are trying to sell you something.

These five things are well-supported by research:
  1. Hydration. You need to be hydrated. Your skin is better, your kidneys work better, your liver detoxes better.
  2. Exercise. Walking at a nice pace for 30 minutes daily can help joints, immune system, and mood.
  3. Eat less. The excess of calories slows us down. Eat more nutrient-dense foods but eat less food overall.
  4. Get better sleep. There is an epidemic of insomnia in this country. It puts you at risk for stress, anxiety, and mood issues.
  5. Say no to sugar. We consume too much added sugar. We’re getting 10-20 tablespoons of sugar per day instead of a few teaspoons.

I had knee surgery because my bones were shattering and my knee was leaning in. I was bow-legged my entire life. The leg that had knee surgery was straightened, and it's now longer than the other leg. I now have new pain in my hips and back. My doctor had me get an orthotic lift, but it's still not adjusted perfectly. The pain is making me crazy.

The lengthening of the leg puts pressure on the other joints. Chiropractic care can help readjust the hip joint and knee joint so your gait matches with the other leg. Natural supplements can also help. Taking 400 mg of a high quality curcumin extract,  250 to 500 mg of glucosamine, and 1000 mg of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) should help.

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