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Ask Dr. Mike: Repeat Heart Attack Prevention

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Can you suggest a heart protocol for someone who has had a heart attack?

Many patients go on an ACE inhibitor or something to control blood pressure. We devise regimens that are appropriate based on individuals. Don’t stop taking medicine without talking to your doctor, but there are things you can do with nutrients.

You can take 200 mg a day of CoQ10. You want to know what your blood level is, so do a blood test to see if you’re between levels 4 and 6 because that’s a heart healthy range of CoQ10.

Omega-3 supplements will help as well. You should do 2-4 grams a day. They are blood thinning, so make sure your doctor knows that. You may have to cut down the dose of Omega-3 and watch for easy bruising.

Vitamin D3 should be about 5000 IU a day. That helps with cells.

You are at risk of a second coronary event if you’ve had a heart attack. Stabilize all of your arterial plaques by building a cap of collagen and calcium. That keeps all the fat and cholesterol from rupturing into the blood stream and forming a clot. Vitamin K2 will help stabilize the plaque. Gutocola is an herb that puts collagen into the cap of the plaque. You can try EDTA for oral chelation. Garlic oil can help.

Increase the activity of the PON1 gene to prevent the fat from oxidizing and getting sticky. You can be helped by 250 mg of pomegranate a day, as well as by supplementing with curcumin.

The endothelial cell lines the artery. You can boost the endothelial cells with resperital, SOD, and garlic extract.

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