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5 Relationship Red Flags

5 Relationship Red Flags
There are some people you may have dated where, when the relationship ended, you are shocked you didn't recognize the early warning signs of trouble. You may have dismissed or ignored the signs since you were infatuated and wanted to see the "good" in the person. The issues seemed subtle at the time, but very apparent in hindsight.

While you're in the heat of things, it is difficult to acknowledge the truth... especially when the person that you feel like you may have fallen for has turned out to be a major disappointment. The problem with turning a blind eye to red flags is that eventually those shortcomings may come back to haunt you.

How can you change your response to the warnings signs?

Romantic Psychology Expert and bestselling author, Rachel Van Dyken, reveals the five warning signs trouble is on the horizon, as well as how you or your psyche recognizes these signs in the beginning of a relationship.
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Rachel Van Dyke
Rachel Van DykeRachel Van Dyken is the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. At 28 she's published over 24 books and can't imagine doing anything else!