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How Different Running Surfaces Affect Your Body

How Different Running Surfaces Affect Your Body
Running can be very stressful on your muscles, knees and joints. The type of surface that you choose to run on can affect your aches and pains. 

A lot of people run on the treadmill, aka: the "dreadmill," since it is sometimes a necessary evil. While you might the soft surface of a treadmill's belt would be beneficial, the problem with treadmills is that you're running at a forced pace which can wreak havoc on your body. 

So, is there one best running surface, or is it important to add variety?

Taneen Carvell, ("Coach T") is a triathlete and marathon runner and coach in the Washington D.C. area. Taneen explains how different surfaces can impact the quality of your run and your health.
Featured Speaker:
Taneen Carvell, Running & Triathlon Coach
CoachTTaneen Carvell is an accomplished athlete. After running her first 5K at the age of 32— a self-proclaimed "late bloomer" — she immediately signed up for her first marathon. She has since qualified for the Boston Marathon 14 times and competed in her first Ironman Triathlon at age 40. In total, she has completed 20 marathons and six Ironman triathlons, all just 15 years after her very first race.

Taneen has taken her love of running and endurance sports and turned it into a love of inspiring and coaching others, helping more than 200 folks to the finish line of their various goal races in just the past year. Taneen's vast experience in running and endurance training and competition, and her continued quest for athletic achievement give her personal experience on which to build the many training tips and techniques she teaches. But most of all she shows her trainees that you can have fun even when it's hard, and through it all her support and belief in them will be there all the way to the finish line.