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Rosie Pope's Success Story: Battling Infertility with IVF

Rosie Pope's Success Story: Battling Infertility with IVF
In Vitro Fertilization is commonly referred to as IVF.

IVF is the process of fertilization by manually mating an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish.

When the IVF procedure is successful, the process is combined with a procedure known as embryo transfer, which involves physically placing the embryo in the uterus (American Pregnancy). 

It seems like a fairly common procedure, so why is talking about infertility and IVF still so hush-hush?

Many women protect themselves for so many year from getting pregnant, then come to find out that it isn't always so easy. As a woman, you may feel that procreating is something that we are all just supposed to be able to do.

When you aren't able to easily become pregnant, you may subsequently blame yourself and experience feelings of guilt. 

There is a lot of discussion over the external factors that can contribute to a woman's inability to get pregnant naturally (Parents).

Going through the treatment process can take a toll on you both emotionally and physically. Maternity fashion designer, pregnancy guru and star of the hit TV show Pregnant in Heels on Bravo, Rosie Pope, knows this firsthand since she had to use the IVF treatment. 

Rosie said that, "It's hard to not equate stress to infertility." In this segment, Rosie Pope shares her successful experience and advice on IVF.

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Rosie Pope, entrepreneur
Rosie PopeLondon-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby, her maternity and baby clothing and accessories line, with stores in Santa Monica, California, and New York's Upper East Side and Tribeca neighborhoods, and MomPrep, her prenatal, postpartum and parenting education studios.

Rosie's days are filled with being a mom, wife, designer, educator, TV personality and all-around guide to women during their pregnancies and beyond. Her goal is to bring together the highest quality products, information and expert services to help each woman figure out her best journey through pregnancy and motherhood.