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Calling it Quits: How to Make Your Divorce Stress-Free

Calling it Quits: How to Make Your Divorce Stress-Free
Going through a divorce can be a very emotionally draining experience. The process can be grueling, stressful and overwhelming.

There are just some things that no amount of self-help books can prepare you for. But, this insider interview may just be the answer to help you get through your "big D" as quickly and as painless as possible. 

Something very important of which to take note: honesty is the BEST policy. Your attorney is not there to judge you. Letting your counsel know all of the nitty-gritty (and sometimes embarrassing) details can help save you time, money and stress throughout the process. 

So, now that you have made the difficult decision to terminate your marriage, how the heck do you even hire the right lawyer? Highly reputable divorce attorney in Chicago, IL, Sunney Kohlhoss, explains that you shouldn't just go with the first lawyer you meet with.

In fact, you should probably meet or speak with at least three attorneys to find the most suitable person for you. This is someone who you will be conversing with almost on a daily basis, so you need to make sure you really trust the person you hire. 

Are there advantages and strategies to be the first to file for divorce; in other words, is it a race to file? You may be surprised to find out that there is no advantage to filing for divorce first, other than your emotional well-being since the first step is done and over. 

A lot of people start their divorce hoping to “beat” their spouse in court; but this isn't a competition where you get to be the "winner." In fact, there’s seldom a true winner in divorce. 

A divorce is a disassembly of a family unit. Remember when going through the process that your children are the innocent victims in this litigious process, so don't act like spoiled kids. It is imperative that you try to work together -- as mature adult parents -- to negotiate an amicable custody agreement that is in the best interest of the children. 

From how long a divorce typically takes to how adultery affects your case, Kohlhoss offers a "free consultation" during this interview and helps guide you through your dissolution. 
Featured Speaker:
Sunney Kohlhoss, divorce attorney
SK HeadshotPrior to starting SK Law, P.C. in early 2010, Sunney Kohlhoss was an attorney with another Chicago-based family law practice for many years. She has represented a wide range of clients in nearly every type of family law situation.

Sunney has experience in obtaining favorable results for her clients in multi-million dollar marital estates and contested custody suits. Her ability to settle heated divorces and custody disputes has gained her respect from colleagues and judges within the Chicagoland legal community. When settlement is not a viable option, Sunney's experience as a zealous litigator in the courtroom has produced outstanding results for her clients.

Always committed to her clients and their causes, Sunney's philosophy is to build strong, trusting relationships with her clients, founded on caring, listening, smart legal strategy, and open and regular communications.