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6 Tips to Raise a Happy & Healthy Kid

6 Tips to Raise a Happy & Healthy Kid

Remember when you were pre-child and saw other people's kids acting out? You probably promised yourself that when you have kids, they will NEVER act like that. No way. 

Then when you became a parent, you had a rude awakening; your child acted JUST like that, and then some. 

If your child is bratty, mean, disrespectful or doesn't know how to communicate, you may feel like you are failing as a parent. It must be something that YOU are doing wrong.

Parenting ain't easy! It is one of the hardest and simultaneously most rewarding jobs you will ever have. It's a job that you can't quit and need to continue to work on (at least until they are 18).

There are plenty of parenting philosophies out there that try to guide you to be the best parent you can be and raise the best child he or she can be. But there are six simple steps that are the rule of thumb. 

Emma Jenner is a child development and behavioral specialist who was the star of the TNT reality show, Take Home Nanny. During this segment, Emma is your own "take home nanny" who shares the six key tips to help your child develop into his or her best self. 

6 Tips to Raise Your Kid Both Happy and Healthy: 

  1. Be consistent: If you decide to lay down a rule you must have the self-discipline and confidence to enforce it. If children know what to expect, they are less likely to challenge you.
  2. Routine: Children thrive developmentally within a routine. It makes them feel safe and secure. Plus, a routine makes life a lot easier for you, the parent!
  3. Establish discipline and boundaries: Children must know their boundaries. As children grow, they start to play up and test their boundaries. It's up to the parent to establish these boundaries and enforce them with real consequences.
  4. Positive reinforcement: You must look for opportunities to praise. Take the focus off the negative behavior and focus on the positive steps they take in life, like good manners, eating well, listening, playing nicely and any new achievement. This will give them great confidence and encourage more of that same behavior. Children want to please you!
  5. Spend quality time: No matter how busy you are, each child needs quality time with each parent. A small amount of quality time, full of interest and devotion, goes a long way to a happy and content child.
  6. Don't allow disrespectful behavior: You must teach children socially acceptable behavior. Teaching your children manners will get them a long way in life. Children are like sponges; we must set an example and they will follow.
Featured Speaker:
Emma Jenner, child development and behavioral specialist
Emma JennerEmma Jenner is a child development and child behavioral specialist. Known for her role as host of TLC's Take Home Nanny, Emma is a formally trained British Nanny with over a decade of in-home childcare experience working with families in the UK and across the United States.

Founder of the consulting service, Emma's Children, she now brings her expertise in childcare and treasure trove of behavioral knowledge to your family.

Is there a "method" to all this and just who is credible?

Emma's natural ability to communicate with parents and children allows her to bring the gift of peaceful relationships to you and your family whilst treating every child as an individual.

In a world increasingly focused on mass solutions Emma carefully crafts a customized solution to parenting for you, your family and most importantly, your child.