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Do it for Your Kids: How to Lose Weight Post-Baby

Do it for Your Kids: How to Lose Weight Post-Baby
Most all women dread the inevitable weight gain that comes with pregnancy, worrying if they are ever going to fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans.

But, as every parent knows, a newborn is a grueling 24/7 full-time job where you have to put yourself second. 

Where do you find the inspiration to exercise when you are exhausted all of the time? How about using your kids as your inspiration? Forget about your pant size for a minute... if you are physically fit, you will also be emotionally and mentally fit, resulting in you being a better mom and a better version of yourself.

There are a lot of benefits of feeling healthy as a mom; a job you need a LOT of stamina and patience for. 

Woman's health advocate, Maaria Mozaffar is a mother of three and recently gave birth to twins. Maaria lost 50 pounds post-pregnancy AND was able to keep it off. As a mother, she feels like you need to be physically fit to give kids what they need. 

What does being overweight as a parent teach your child? When your kid reaches the preschool and kindergarten ages, they know the difference between skinny and fat. Kids have a feeling that's something's not right when their parents look unhealthy and overweight. Mentoring and modeling are dramatically important in parenting. Your nutritional and dietary decisions will significantly impact the choices of your child. 

You should influence what your children eat by setting good examples. This is why becoming informed about the Food Industry is critical. In this case, what you don't know will hurt you. Read the labels and know the ingredients in your food. So many food products are exploiting busy moms and are providing quick and easy meals without the nutritional value.

Maaria explains how your kids can be the motivation you need to get back in shape. 

Tips to drop the baby weight: 
  • Drink more water
  • Start walking
Featured Speaker:
Maaria Mozaffar, women's health advocate
Maaria Mozaffar, is the founder and sole operator of The Skinless Project. The Skinless Project, is a revolutionary, out of the box company dedicated to women. The initiative believes that all women, regardless of their age, race, skin color, religion or financial status, deserve the opportunity to be respected for their ideas and personal strength in their communities.