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Science Proves Why Diets Don’t Work

Science Proves Why Diets Don’t Work
It seems like every few months, there's a new diet to try.

These diets all promise the same thing: weight loss, a boost in your energy levels, and no deprivation necessary.

Even though you may be willing to try the next best thing, it seems like nothing really works and you're back to square one.

You might also become frustrated and decide not to try anything new.

If there's research that provides insight to your metabolic health and explains why it might be harder for you to lose weight, would you listen?

Emily Cooper, MD, shares why diets don't work, and what you can do to finally lose weight.
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Emily Cooper, MD
Emily CooperDr. Emily Cooper is a popular Seattle-based physician, specializing in the underlying causes of obesity, type-2 diabetes and infertility.

She is board certified in Obesity Medicine, Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. She has worked extensively in areas related to exercise science and athletic performance. She founded Seattle Performance Medicine in 2003 to work with high- performance athletes and help others reach their fitness goals.

She is the 'Get Fit' team doctor and appears twice monthly on KING-5 Television, the number one station in Seattle. She has been a regular contributor of content related to health, metabolism and fitness on KING-5 Morning News for the past two and half years.

In 2012, she founded a nonprofit organization, the Diabesity Research Foundation, to educate healthcare professionals and the public to meet the growing need of people wanting to take a more scientific approach to obesity. In May of 2015, she established the Cooper Center for Metabolism, where she diagnoses and treats metabolic causes of type-2 diabetes, obesity and infertility.

There are 700 people on a wait list to see her which is why she sees the urgent need for education in this area of medicine.

Dr. Cooper is a frequent lecturer and speaker to medical students and healthcare professionals across the country, including Endocrinology Grand Rounds at Brown University. She is often interviewed in the media on the topics of metabolism and obesity, sharing scientific information and explaining why obesity is a medical problem.