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10 Tips to Help Your Partner Understand the Emotional Effects of Menopause

10 Tips to Help Your Partner Understand the Emotional Effects of Menopause
Menopause is no longer just for "older women" with hot flashes, irritability and night sweats.

An estimated 6,000 baby boomer women in the U.S. reach menopause every day and suffer both physical and emotional symptoms that can linger and interfere with their relationships and marriages.

While menopause affects women physically, it's not the lack of sex, night sweats or fatigue that leave men feeling unloved. It's almost like an emotional loss of their partner.

What are 10 tips to help your partner better understand the emotional effects of menopause?
  1. Don't take menopause symptoms personally.
  2. Explore new ways to be intimate.
  3. Ask what's going on.
  4. If there's a problem, don't ignore it, talk about it.
  5. If she's having hot flashes, cuddling or sleeping together might be too uncomfortable. Allow her space, but let her know you're there.
  6. Many women suffer with their loss of fertility. Be patient, listen and don't make jokes.
  7. Be loving and supportive.
  8. If sex is being avoided, it doesn't mean she doesn't love you anymore.
  9. Fifty is a tough time for men, too, so be patient with one another. Mid-life is a couple's challenge.
  10. Depression and anxiety can be part of menopause.

Mary Rapini, LPC, shares the 10 tips to better understand the emotional effects of menopause.
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Mary Jo Rapini, LPC
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