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Why the Workforce Needs More Women

Why the Workforce Needs More Women
Now more than ever, it seems like there's an equal amount of men and women in the workforce.

More women are graduating from school, waiting later to have families, and solely concentrating on getting ahead in their career.

In fact, according to a Wall Street Journal article, 57 percent of annual college graduates are women.

But, the women who do leave the workforce to start a family are finding it harder to come back in. Why is that?

Sharon Lechter, CPA, shares why it's hard for some women to rejoin the workplace, as well as why the workforce needs more women.
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Sharon Lechter, CPA
Sharon LechterSharon Lechter has combined her expertise as a CPA and an international bestselling author with her unmatched passion for financial literacy and entrepreneurship to inspire change for individuals and businesses across the globe for over 30 years.

Credited as the genius behind the Rich Dad brand, Sharon is currently partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. As a driving force behind these two mega brands, Sharon has demonstrated her entrepreneurial vision and business expertise while empowering audiences with messages of hope and prosperity.

Sharon is recognized globally as an expert on many topics, including personal finance, entrepreneurship, publishing and leadership, and has spoken to audiences all over the world, including Ghana, Uganda, UK, Japan, China, Brazil, Ireland and across the United States.