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How to Use Your High Heels for Self-Defense

How to Use Your High Heels for Self-Defense
Even though there have been many scientific reports and studies conducted on the damage high heels can do to your body, many women still want to wear them. Wearing high heels can make you feel sexy, empowered, and even be used as a self-defense tool.

According to a United Nations analysis, about 35 percent of women worldwide said they had experienced physical violence, including rape, murder, and sexual harassment.

Avital Zeisler, world-renowned hand-to-hand combat expert and Women's Empowerment Coach, was one of those women at the age of 19. Suffering from depression, she traveled to Israel to learn Krav Maga and ultimately began teaching self-defense and empowerment tactics.

Listen in as Zeisler shares her personal story on why she decided to help women protect themselves and how you can use your high heels as a self-defense tool.
Featured Speaker:
Avital Zeisler, Women’s Empowerment Coach
Avital Zeisler Avital Zeisler is a world-renowned hand-to-hand combat expert, women's empowerment coach and creator of The Soteria Method™. This is a unique practice of self-defense, fitness and self-discovery that has transformed the lives of women from all walks of life. This includes everyone from Hollywood actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Keri Russell to corporate executives and those struggling to overcome trauma (including violence and sexual assault).

Originally a professional dancer trained at The National Ballet School of Canada, she began her exploration of self-defense to overcome the trauma associated with experiencing violence and sexual assault. Her study of Krav Maga and working with military personnel, law enforcement, and security specialists from around the world led to her recognition as a globally sought self-defense and personal security consultant.