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Working Out at Home vs. the Gym

Working Out at Home vs. the Gym
Making a decision to exercise is an easy step into a healthier life.

However, deciding on whether you want to join a gym or work out at home can be difficult.

You have to consider a few things when signing up for a gym, such as cost, location, and your time.

Even though working out at home can be convenient, it can also be difficult to find motivation (and stay motivated) when your bedroom and couch are within the same area.

What else do you have to consider before deciding on working out from home or at the gym?

Listen in as Fitness Professional Liz Corah explains the pros and cons of both.
Featured Speaker:
Liz Corah, Fitness Professional
Liz CorahLiz Corah is a seasoned fitness professional with over fifteen years of experience delivering dynamic and effective group fitness and personal training. Her programs are not only effective, but invigorating and addictive.

She first brought her flair to fitness after having been a professional dancer/choreographer in Southern California in 2001.

Having trained thousands of clients and group fitness participants, Liz Corah's knowledge of quality programming and the human body are top notch.