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Estrogen & Your Heart

Estrogen & Your Heart
As American Heart Month draws to a close, it's important to look at how the heart is affected as people pass through different stages of life.

Heart disease risks become more apparent when a woman enters menopause.

A decline in estrogen may be a factor. Estrogen is believed to help keep blood vessels flexible by improving the inner layer of the artery wall.

Executive Producer of Hot Flash Havoc, Heidi Houston, discusses how estrogen relates to heart disease.
Featured Speaker:
Heidi Houston, Executive Producer of Hot Flash Havoc
Heidi HoustonHeidi Houston is a force to be reckoned with... that is if you can catch her as she speeds past you on her way to a movie premiere; the closing of a multi-million dollar real estate deal or visiting her sons in Denver or San Francisco.

As the Executive Producer (and co producer) of Hot Flash Havoc, a film of menopausal proportions, Heidi was challenged to make an entertaining, engaging and enlightening film about menopause, yet funny while highly personal documentary about menopause, perimenopause and hormone treatments. Having never been someone to let an opportunity go by or any stone unturned Heidi began tossing even the smallest pebbles over to make a feature-length documentary about a subject that no one seems to understand. Her challenge was even bigger as she raised the funds for this film without any pharmaceutical companies and privately financed it through investors who believed in women’s quality of life into their 80’s on onward.

While Heidi enjoys spending time riding her horses near her Aspen, Colorado home, she has never been very good at “holding her horses” and this “no horse held” attitude is noticeable in all aspects of her life including her approach to distributing Hot Flash Havoc.