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Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Home Workouts

Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Home Workouts
It may be easier for you to work out at home than to schedule time to go to the gym. Many people find it simpler to set up time for fitness at home.

The trick is knowing where to start with your workout, especially when your time is limited.

It's best to work the largest muscle groups first. Squats and lunges are great for that. Working multiple muscle groups with one exercise is very efficient. Push-ups, planks, and bent knee/straight knee together give you a great workout.

Listen in as Fitness Professional Liz Corah recommends how to get the smartest, most efficient workout at home.
Featured Speaker:
Liz Corah, Fitness Professional
Liz CorahLiz Corah is a seasoned fitness professional with over fifteen years of experience delivering dynamic and effective group fitness and personal training. Her programs are not only effective, but invigorating and addictive.

She first brought her flair to fitness after having been a professional dancer/choreographer in Southern California in 2001.

Having trained thousands of clients and group fitness participants, Liz Corah's knowledge of quality programming and the human body are top notch.