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Could Estrogen Help Save Your Job?

Could Estrogen Help Save Your Job?
Many women feel foggy, get forgetful and don't sleep so well when menopause hits. This can cause problems in the workplace.

Starting estrogen treatments at the right time during the change of life can help address these symptoms. Estrogen brings more blood and seratonin to the brain. It keeps the bladder strong and the heart healthy. It helps prevent oseoporosis.

Listen in as Dr. Mache Seibel discusses how estrogen can help you preserve your job.
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Mache Seibel, MD
Mache Seibel head shotDr. Mache Seibel is a leading authority on women's wellness and menopause. He was a member of the Harvard Medical School for 20 years and is a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr Seibel is the recipient of numerous awards and editor of My Menopause Magazine. His latest book is The Estrogen Window, available at