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Clean Up Your Act: Dirty Bras & Gym Hygiene

Clean Up Your Act: Dirty Bras & Gym Hygiene
You're working out. That's great!

But, how's your gym hygiene?

The average person releases one liter of sweat, 40 grams of sebum (the stuff in blackheads), 10 grams of skin cells and 10 grams of salt per day. That stuff gets in your clothing. Breasts are especially sweaty, so you should wash your sports bra after every wearing. No more sniff test to see if it's clean.

Put your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag before you leave the gym. Wash them when you get home so they don't become a breeding ground for bacteria. Don't try to squeeze a second wearing out of them before laundry day.

Clean out the inside of your gym bag. If your bag is washable, throw it in the laundry on a regular basis. Gym floors and benches are disgusting. Keep it clean.

Don't put your naked parts on gym benches or chairs in the locker room. Sit on a towel to avoid exposure.

Listen in as Dr. Pam Peeke advises on how to clean up your act at the gym.