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Honest Conversation on Orgasms, Menstruation & More

Honest Conversation on Orgasms, Menstruation & More
Orgasms play an important role in female sexual health. The evolutionary roots of the experience have been difficult to uncover. 

A research study in the Journal of Experimental Zoology recently concluded the orgasmic response originated in mammals more than 150 million years ago to release eggs after sex.

Animal studies have found that intercourse stimulates ovulation. Human females ovulate regularly nowadays, so the orgasm doesn’t need to push out human eggs. The clitoris may have been located inside the body in our evolutionary past, making the orgasm necessary to stimulate the hormones and release of eggs.

The body has evolved, but the orgasm stuck around.

It’s common for women not to orgasm during intercourse. Movies and novels portray it differently.

You need to be open and honest about orgasm. Talk to your partner. Speak with your doctor. Enlighten the women in your family about orgasm and sexual health so they know what to expect genetically.

Speaking of women’s health, the conversation about menstruation is changing.

Eight states are dropping sales tax on feminine hygiene products. These products are finally being classified as necessities. New products are on the market to make menstruation less inconvenient.

The conversation needs to be had. No more hiding the pads in the bottom of the shopping cart and pretending menstruation doesn’t happen. No more commercials of women wearing white and going horseback riding to sell pads.

There are now apps like Cloo and Period Tracker to keep track of menstrual cycles. Periods are less predictable for perimenopausal women. These apps are great for tracking irregular cycles.

Period-proof panties like Thinx are meant to be worn without tampons or pads. This is a great alternative to cleaning panties with soap and cold water when feminine hygiene products don’t deliver all the protection expected.

Menstrual reservoir cups like the Diva Cup are used to collect period blood and dispose of it. It eliminates the landfill impact of menstruation. It allows for enumerable reuse. It tucks into the vagina and is relatively leak-free.

Lola is a tampon delivery service that saves women from enduring shopping trips for hygiene products. Tampons are organic cotton and the assortment can be customized to your needs.

Listen in as Dr. Barb DePree shares about the importance of orgasm and new developments in the conversation about menstruation.
Featured Speaker:
Barb Depree, MD
Dr. Barb DepreeDr. Barb Depree is a gynecologist with a focused practice on women's sexual health as well as perimenopausal and menopausal women's health.

She is the Founder of (a website for sexual health and wellness providing information and products promoting women's sexual health).

She is the Director of Midlife Women's Health at Holland Hospital and a NAMS certified menopausal provider (NAMS provider of the year in 2013).