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It’s Time to Treat Yourself with Body Kindness

It’s Time to Treat Yourself with Body Kindness
Your body may not do what you want it to do. Difficulty resolving your appearance with a self-imposed ideal can tie you up in knots.

It’s time to focus on your well-being. Dieting isn’t the only way to get healthy and happy. There is no magic diet that works for everyone.

How can you be more compassionate toward yourself? How can you work with the person you are now to take better care of yourself? How can you be more flexible as you change behaviors?

If you’re more mindful, you’re more aware of what is happening in the moment. Pause and consider what is happening right now that matters. Use that to inform your decisions and behaviors. Make it okay to want what you want right now, but consider how this choice will affect your future. Maybe you’ll opt for a few spoons of ice cream at the end of a long day instead of the entire pint.

Guide Yourself with PACT
Presence: Pay attention to what’s happening right now that matters.
Acceptance: Be okay with how you think and feel, even if you don’t decide to act on those thoughts and feelings.
Choose: Examine your options.
Take Immediate Action: Do what will have the most impact on your life.

Train yourself to make decisions that fit you better.

Not all thoughts are helpful. Be kind to yourself. Don’t allow thought bullying. Find some gratitude and respect for your body as it exists right now. Redirect your negativity into something positive and inspiring.

Many people who struggle with their weight engage in emotional eating. Examine what conditions cause you to eat emotionally.

Listen in as Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, shares how you can be more compassionate toward yourself.


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Featured Speaker:
Rebecca Scritchfield, RD
Rebecca ScritchfieldRebecca Scritchfield is a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, certified health and fitness specialist and author of the book, Body Kindness.

Through her weight-neutral, mindfulness-based counseling practice, she helps people create a better life with workable goals that fit individual interests.

She has influenced millions through her writing, podcast, and appearances in over 100 media outlets including NBC Nightly News, CNN, the Today Show, Washington PostO MagazineHealthShape, and many others.

She lives in Washington, DC.