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Get Fit & Fabulous

Get Fit & Fabulous
You want to get fit and look fabulous. How do you get started?

You must find the right starting point for where you are now. Not everyone begins at the same fitness level. Celebrate little victories every day. Work on winning with simpler goals before expecting to make large gains.

Fitness hype can be confusing. Don’t let it set you back. There is basic information available on how to get started or move to the next level.

You want to maintain normal ranges of motion. Get fit so you can tackle life’s daily demands. You can tackle body appearance goals after you can handle the movement and strength required to function in daily life.

Six Tried & True Fitness Moves

  1. The Turkish Getup: Using a kettlebell, this exercise will help stabilize your shoulder muscles and develop your core muscles. It opens up tight hips and improves strength and balance.
  2. The Pushup: This handy standard works your core muscles and offers the strength and conditioning your body needs to become more defined. It’s a full-body exercise where you brace your entire body for stability. Form is important. Use your knees for support in the beginning until you have strength to straighten your legs.
  3. The Squat: Often referred to as the “king of all exercises,” this is an exercise that can be done anywhere, and offers increased fitness for your whole body. Hold a single dumbbell or kettle bell at chest level and brace your entire body. Descend slowly and keep the muscles engaged.
  4. Metabolic Circuits: This type of exercise will help you burn a lot of fat, but it’s also going to provide benefits to the heart. A metabolic circuit is going to include various exercises performed one after another, so you are working various muscle groups. You can do a four-minute circuit to finish up your workout, working in 20-second increments with 20-second breaks.
  5. The Inverted Row: This is a great exercise for working the muscles that you would pull with, including your biceps, back, and stabilizer muscles. This helps even out the work you are doing when you do pushups, which will provide more stabilization. Use a suspension strap. 
  6. Turtle Rolls: Everyone wants a good ab burn, but traditional exercises can cause pain and big problems for the spine. Try this fun variation with a partner. Balance on your rear and tuck your elbows to your knees. Your partner grabs your ankles, rocking you back and forth. Brace yourself as you roll to engage your muscles.
Listen as Coach Sarah Walls joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how you can have fitness success.


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Featured Speaker:
Sarah Walls, Coach
Sarah WallsInspired by her experiences both as a NCAA D1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and a personal trainer, Coach Sarah Walls founded SAPT in 2007 with the vision of providing the highest quality, individualized performance training services available.

At the NCAA Division I, II, and III, NAIA, NCCAA and professional levels, Sarah has experience working with many sports including: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, jumps, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, sprints, tennis, throws, and volleyball. In addition, she has worked with athletes to help prepare them for competition in cycling, distance running, figure, judo, obstacle course, mixed martial arts, and triathlon.

Apart from athletic performance enhancement, Coach Walls has been working with all ages and abilities for over 15 years to help individuals achieve goals that include: weight loss, body composition changes, injury rehabilitation, success in daily living, and many others.

Her written work can be found in the magazines Experience Life, M&F Hers, Volleyball Magazine, on,, and in Sport Strength Newsletter. She has also written a number of training manuals, including a postpartum focused plan.

Coach Walls specializes in injury prevention, nutritional counseling, and performance enhancement through focusing on increased speed, strength, and power. She previously spent eight years as a strength and conditioning coach at the NCAA Division 1 level and is currently the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the WNBA's Washington Mystics.