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Physical Therapy After Breast Cancer Surgery

Physical Therapy After Breast Cancer Surgery
How do you get back to using your body after undergoing breast cancer surgery?

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation have considerable effects on the body. Physical therapy can reduce pain, symptoms and help recover function.

Speak to your provider about physical side effects you may expect from treatment. In conjunction with your medical treatment, physical therapy can help you regain function and strength to return to daily life.

Physical therapy starts with a good, thorough physical examination to see where function needs to be restored. The patient is given a treatment plan to rehabilitate any affected areas and strength needed for life activities. Difficulty manipulating a toothbrush or pulling on pants are simple life tasks that may require a care plan. Your physical therapist will work with you to resume this function.

Every patient is different, as is every surgeon’s protocol. Physical therapy may not begin until risk of infection is significantly reduced. Speak with a physical therapist early in the process so you know what to expect after your cancer treatment.

Listen as Dr. John Gallucci joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how physical therapy can help women recover from breast cancer surgery.


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Featured Speaker:
John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT
John Gallucci JrThe dynamic president of JAG Physical Therapy, John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT, is in demand for his expertise in injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports medicine and athletic conditioning. He has appeared often on radio and television, including ESPN’s award-winning Outside the Lines, Fox 5, PIX 11, MSG Varsity, NJ News 12, WFAN and is a popular public speaker.

Gallucci has made a major impact in his fields throughout the New York/New Jersey area, and holds a national presence in the sports medicine community. JAG Physical Therapy now offers comprehensive orthopedic outpatient centers in New York City, West Orange, Warren, Cedar Knolls, Union, Hackensack, Woodbridge and Princeton New Jersey.

Currently, John is the Medical Coordinator for Major League Soccer (MLS), coordinating the medical care of more than 500 professional soccer players. Gallucci is the former Head Trainer of the New York Red Bulls MLS team and is a Sports Medicine consultant for professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and USA Wrestling. John has also worked in the Athletic Departments of Columbia University, New York University and Long Island University, and has been a Clinical Instructor at Columbia University, Seton Hall University, Rutgers University, and Dominican College. John is the former Program Director of Barnabas Health’s Sport Medicine Institute and also serves as an appointed member on the New Jersey Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport. In the local community, John’s charitable efforts have included a leading role in fundraisers for Barnabas Health, The Valerie Fund, The LaConti Child Life Fund, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Arthritis Foundation, and The American Cancer Society. He supports more than 100 high schools, college programs and athletic clubs throughout the Tri-State Area.